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While I’ve been asked to share my chronicles of fundraising, I want to do my part to represent all Top Fundraisers in Club 100. To do this I turned to my fellow Club 100 members to get some insight on what they do to raise INCREDIBLE amounts of money to further MS research and better the lives of MS patients across the US.

While I await their response to my informal survey, I wanted to share my answers and insight to several key questions. My hope is that I can get your fundraising juices flowing.

Q1: What’s the most important thing to remember when fundraising for BikeMS events?

A: To make a personal connection as to why you are participating and feel passionate about this cause. For me, it’s to raise funds that better the lives of MS patients like my wonderful mom Valorie and amazing wife Andrea.

Q2: What is the most successful fundraising tactic you use or have used in the past?

A: Through my company imc2 we hosted a charity golf tournament where we raised thousands to donate back to the MS Society. Some of the fundraising sources included player fees, sponsorship fees for every aspect of the tournament including goodie bags, meals, and raffle items.

Q3: What fundraising methods do you use?

A: Mail letters, emails to everyone, Facebook, and good old fashioned word of mouth. The MS Society offers some great tools to help you tackle almost all of these including form letter templates, email marketing tools, and tracking.

Q4: Any fundraising myths you want to debunk?

A: Your friends will avoid you at all costs. If you follow the advice in Q1, you will make it impossible for folks to ignore your passion for asking for $10+. Keep stressing that any amount is much appreciated and don’t be too pushy.

Q5: What’s more successful for you? Several big donations or many smaller donations?

A: My average donation is generally around $35 – $60 so the key is quantity with a few large donations. Many times you need to stress any size donation is the key and continually message this throughout your communications. Most people want to help but are prone to disqualify their target donation of $25 as being too little. One additional note is to remind folks to check into their company matching of personal donations to approved charities. This goes a very long way to reaching your fundraising goals.

I sincerely hope this helps you better understand how anyone can raise significant amounts of money without having rich friends or a few sugar daddy donors.


Well, this blog isn’t about me or my story. It’s about two amazing ladies in my life and numerous other wonderful friends and family members of friends.

In years past, I prepare for the adventure that is the MS150 to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis (“MS”) that affects millions of people worldwide, including my wonderful mom Valorie Noe. She’s been a rock throughout my life and this is the best way I know how to help find a cure for a frustrating and disabling disease.

Well, my passion for fundraising and first-hand knowledge of this frustrating, relentless disease grew ten fold in May 2008. Approximately five days after the 2008 MS150, my wife Andrea was diagnosed with MS. Man, life is full of surprises and this was the ultimate blind side punch.

The road leading up to the diagnosis was a rocky one. Shortly after giving birth to our second son Carson, Andrea began having trouble walking, specifically issues with her left leg dragging when she got tired or too hot. After months of numerous MRIs, tests, physical therapy and doctor’s visits, we were almost relieved to have a name for her symptoms.

It’s been about 18 months and thanks to the drugs and wonderful doctors, Andrea is doing better. Well, she’s not doing worse. That may sound negative but that’s the way you treat MS… hope is primarily based on not getting worse.

For the most part, her symptoms do not stop her from being an incredible mother to our two wild-and-crazy boys, amazing wife to a well-intentioned husband, wonderful teacher to her pre-schoolers, and thoughtful friend to her tight-nit circle of girlfriends. She is a rock and source of inspiration to all of the above, but especially to me.

So that brings us to how we can make a different together. The MS150 – a two-day, 150 mile bike ride – raises awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis research. As I’ve expressed before, it’s an incredible event that’s filled with hills, thrills and great times. As always, I’m riding with the Feisty Devils, the largest friends and family team in the nation. Lead by some of the most amazing and inspiring leaders I know, we have raised over $1,000,000 and counting for MS research. But we need your help in continuing the fight against MS by supporting events like the MS150 which funds newer & better drugs.

Please stay tuned over the coming months as I chronicle my adventures in training & fund raising as well as share my experiences as a husband who wants nothing more than to support and provide for my lovely wife Andrea.

Take care,


Top Fundraiser

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