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I don’t know about you but I’m always on the look out for opportunities to improve my situation. That’s why I’m going to take advantage of the time change to use that “extra” hour in the morning a little differently this year. I’m going to renew my AM workouts. Exercise makes me feel normal and is my Cymbalta. I need it and I know the people close to me like me a bit more when I’m exercising regularly.

Plus, I accredit my fitness in last year’s ride to starting an “offseason” training regiment that allowed me to ride hard and recover quickly during the ride without having put in long rides over 45 miles. These are definitely recommended but extremely difficult to fit in with a family, work, and all of the associated responsibilities, time constraints, etc.

So, since my body thinks I’m sleeping an hour later than normal, I took advantage this morning and headed to the gym. According to my workout journal, it’s been over a month but even then I was petering out, going 1-2 times a week for the month leading up to that. While my exit strategy from the house was a bit rusty (got to sneak out so I don’t wake the family), I managed to get out and to the gym without forgetting anything important.

I’m going “public” with this so I can keep myself honest and accountable. If you’re with me great! If not, there’s always New Year resolutions.

Lastly, I thought I would share my workouts in case you were looking for something new. I discovered a new, free system a while back and I love it. It’s called Crossfit and it’s

1) perfect for the time crunched exerciser

2) challenging as all get out

3) takes the thought out of planning workouts

4) consistently changes to keep your body guessing and mind engaged

5) it’s free and scalable (meaning, you can find posted workouts for all fitness levels)

If you’re interested in learning more, visit to understand the overall picture and then visit to get the daily scaled workouts (buttercup = easiest, big dawg = hardest).

Here’s what I did today:

Regardless, I hope you’ll join me in taking advantage of the time change to really make a change.


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