Seriously, it’s been a crazy month between training, work, life, and enjoying the awesome Spring weather. I am getting psyched about the ride this weekend and all the good times that come along with it. I’m excited about spending some quality time on the road catching up with long time friends, co-workers, my bro-in-law Eric and his brother, and many others that I’ll cross paths with during the long weekend.

I will disclose that with the busy month, especially the last two weeks, my training fell off what was a great path and I’m a bit worried. The timing of this ride gets me every year. On one hand it’s spares us from the oppressive Texas summer heat but the trade off is less time to train. Sure, in an ideal world I’d train the year round but it’s easier said than done. I do my best to stay in good shape but I really come alive in March & April. I worry every year and then it all works itself out. I’ll just look for some big strong dudes to tuck in behind who don’t mind pulling my skinny tail to the finish.

Here’s to another year and hoping for another great adventure.