I was thrilled and relieved to see that our friends at the MS Society teamed up with the folks at TrainingPeaks to provide all riders access to professional coaching. During registration, you’re encouraged to sign up for daily emails detailing the recommended training to prepare you for a 160+ ride. This is so handy and worth the cost and effort involved in participating in the Sam’s Club BikeMS event.

Here’s an example of the training plan from today:

Hello Matt Noe,

    Your Workouts for Monday, February 08

    Type: Day Off
    Planned duration: 0:00
    Planned distance: 0.0 miles
    Take it easy today. The training starts tomorrow. (Nice way to start training, huh?)
    Hi and welcome to my Bike MS plan. My name is Joe Friel and I’ll be your coach for the next 12 weeks. If you’re wondering, I wrote the Cyclist’s Training Bible, the best selling book ever of training for biking, and have trained hundreds of people. I have also trained 20 Elite Coaches to use my principles. To find out more about my coaching principles please go to http://www.trainingbible.com/aboutJoeFriel.aspx.

    Your Workouts for Tuesday, February 09

    Type: Bike
    Planned duration: 1:30
    Planned distance: 0.0 miles
    Warm up for about 15 minutes. Then ride primarily at a moderate effort on a rolling course. Stay in the saddle on small hills to build and maintain hip strength. Use both small and big chain rings.
    Stretch following this ride.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up for the ride today and get started on your training that will make you the hero and envy of all your friends!
Here’s to riding like hell for MS!