I ran across this blog post in reading up on MS across the interwebs. I shared the high-level idea below and encourage any questions and/or ideas that you have via the comments.

“Circle of Ten” – I read about this concept on the MS Blog on About.com by Julie Stachowiak, Ph.D. It’s a fairly straightforward idea that looks both fun and realistic. Here’s some excerpts from her blog post:

“It is very simple: one person recruits ten people that they know (she wrote a touching letter to do this) to ask ten people from their circle of family and friends to give 10 dollars each. Viola! Pretty soon, you have a thousand dollars.

Unlike many other fundraising situations, this one can actually be graceful and fun – usually people like to give, but neither the asker or the person being asked enjoys that yucky moment where they are both doing mental calculations as to how much looks good, but doesn’t cause financial or emotional stress. With this strategy, mentioning a small amount allows everyone to feel great about the whole thing (and people often give more).”

Make sure you read the whole post as it’s got some additional info including several related posts with similar fundraising and giving back ideas.