Prepare yourself for one of the most original posts you’ll read all week. That’s right, it’s new years resolutions time! Seriously, I wanted to share my personal resolutions with the hope that you’ll join me in reaching some of these goals. I hope you’ll pick up on the theme of “improvement.”

1. Spend time taking care of my “stuff.” This means taking the cars in for scheduled maintenance, investing in the DIY home improvement projects we’ve been talking about for months, and even the little things like cleaning and storing the grill rather than leaving it out all winter.

TimTaylorTooltime.jpg Tim Taylor image by TimTaylor1

2. Break a sweat at least 5 times per week. You may see this as working out, running, cycling but I include wrestling with the kids at night, playing soccer or racing my boys in the back yard, or taking the stairs on the busy days. I re-read a great book over the holidays called Fitness is Religion: Keep the Faith that reminded me that fitness is a life long endeavor, not some new years resolution tied to a body fat %, per mile split, or miles ridden. It’s a great read that helps me keep a long term perspective on focusing on my health which in turn improves my overall wellbeing.

3. Laugh and smile more. This isn’t about subscribing to a ‘joke of the day’ email, but rather avoiding and removing the stress factors associated with the root of what makes me smile less. Items on this list include reducing my bad debt with more “cheetah” like tenacity, striving to find that ideal work-life balance, and stop sweating the small stuff in order to enjoy life’s little moments.

4. Boost my brain power. I’ve subscribed to the theory that I enjoy the IDEA of reading and have struggled with actually doing it. I’ve found a great solution for overcoming this reality. No, it’s not books on tape. It’s finding the reason and motivation to read. This year I’m going to embark on getting my PMBA, or Personal MBA. I’ve wanted to get my MBA for some time but have yet to figure out how to come to terms with the associated student loan debt and time requirements. Then I evaluated the reason why I wanted to pursue furthering my education and realized it was to better my professional and personal knowledge base in order to raise the ceiling in my career. That’s when I stumbled on the PMBA system and decided it was exactly what I needed. I won’t go into great detail here but in the end I’m committing to making my way through at least 50% of the recommended PMBA materials and experience. This ties directly to boosting my brain power, specifically reading, because it’s based on reading some of the classic and emerging thought leaders works.

4. Last but not least, I plan to do everything in my power to raise at least $5,000 for MS research. Of course, my main event will be the Bike MS event in May. This will prove to be a large challenge since a significant source of my fundraising will not be in place, but that’s no excuse. I’m shooting for at couple of events… the 2nd annual casino party with my dear friends as well as a potential for another event. The leading idea currently is a kids triathlon with a slight twist. If you have experience in managing large events like a triathlon or road race, please contact me because I could use your expertise and advice.

I hope that this has inspired at least a small bit of introspection on your part as to what you want to accomplish in 2010. I would like to thank the awesome bloggers, some of which are good friends, that laid the groundwork and inspired the content and ideas within this post. Feel free to take a look at their fine work and systems in order to fire up your resolution ideation:

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