Because bikini car washes are so yesterday. (pictured: not me)

So every year I try to think of a new, creative way to fund raise and keep my seat warm in the Club 100. I do the standard letter & email campaigns to family and friends, but I’ve also done a few other things at work like an eBay auction, BBQ, fajitas & margaritas, walk-thru beer barn (big hit in my work environment), a golf tournament and most recently a casino party that our good friends hosted. Each of these had their up’s and down’s but it’s time to think outside the box a bit.

By nature I think and dream big, the issue comes when I try to pull it all together. That’s where good friends and logistical realists come in handy. In my time participating in this even, I have seen some incredibly creative & unique ideas that have raised thousands for MS research & support. So in the spirit of sharing, here’s a few ideas I’ve been kicking around for 2010:

1. Battle of the Bands >>> either real bands or team Rock Band contest. This will come down to the venue, prizes, and creativity of the participants (i.e. full KISS make up, etc).

2. Texas Hold ‘Em series >>> this is a mini series of poker where you have monthly winners working towards a grand prize. Thinking multi event (3-4) over the course of the new year where you can buy in each round and accumulate points. I like this even though I am not a great poker player.

3. Sponsors >>> this is the marketer in me. If people can sell ad space on their pregnant bellies, surely I can sell it on my self during a 2-day bike ride across N. Texas. I’m also thinking about how I can monetize this blog so I’ve started talking to several small businesses about profiling their products and getting a portion of any referral sales donated back to the National MS Society. If you know of any businesses who may be interested, please let me know and I’ll reach out to them to discuss a fair partnership.

Whatever your style or fund raising level, thank you for all that you do and please feel free to share your ideas or reach out with questions. Feel free to take any of these ideas and run with them.

Happy Thanksgiving,